Kid’s grow so fast, and sometimes it can feel like every time you turn around, you are needing to buy more clothes for them. As moms, we all want to dress our kid’s nicely and make sure they have cute things to wear. But for most of us, money is also a factor and it can be a challenge to do this well on a tight budget. Thankfully, there are some relatively easy ways to save and still dress your kids well.

Ignore Sizes

It’s easy to look at the tags on your children’s clothing and think, “Oh, this is a 9 mo. shirt, so it definitely is going to be too small for my 12 mo. old” or “I guess I need to go buy some 12 mo. shirts because all that I have are 18 mo. ones and they are going to be way too big for my 1 yr. old!” But the fact of the matter is, those sizes are simply guides. Sizes vary by brands, so one time they’ll run small, the next time they’ll run big and once in a while, they’ll actually fit exactly for the age they are supposed too! (This is especially true for children 3 and under.)

When our oldest was just a baby, I soon learned not to pay much attention to those tag sizes. I regularly wear clothes long past the actual size listed. For instance, our 13 mo. old daughter is still wearing some leggings that are 3-6 mo. size, and she’s a big 13 mo. old! When she was 3-6 mo. old, they fit long and were ankle length. Now they fit like capris and work great that way. No one but me knows that they aren’t the “right” size, and it has saved me from needing to buy a bunch of new leggings for her.

Similarly, I’ve discovered that toddler/preschool age girl’s dresses are all close to the same size in the bodice area, it’s usually just the length that really changes that much. So, it’s not uncommon for me to buy a dress a size or two larger than I really need. When the dress is new, it will be on the long side. As my daughter grows and the dress shortens, I just add a pair of long leggings in the mix and no one is the wiser! Obviously some styles of dresses work better for this than others, but generally it can work quite well.

For boys, it’s a bit more challenging to use this savings tip, but you can always find promo codes kids clothing online, but I’ve still found a couple of things that have helped. For instance, vests can often be worn long past their actual “size” and still look good. And short sleeve shirts are much more size forgiving than long sleeve ones. Also, if you have pants that are a tad big, depending on the style, they can actually look kind of cute with pant legs rolled up one roll, allowing you to get a bit more wear out of them.