Singapore—just like any modern country that welcomes foreign entrepreneurs—has particular requirements that you must follow to register your company. It pays to do some research and work with a reputable Singapore company registration specialist that is based there to ensure that you can fulfil all the requirements and successfully register your business in the country. Most entrepreneurs opt for a private limited liability company, which is a separate legal entity that provides shareholders debt protection beyond the overall capital they can contribute. Anyone over the age the 18 can register a company in Singapore as long as they follow these guidelines:

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Setting up a business in Singapore requires a bit of research and effort. The process can become overwhelming and stressful, especially if you encounter issues in the registration process. To avoid or at least minimise such problems, consider hiring professional advisors who have excellent track records and proven experience in helping entrepreneurs incorporate their company in Singapore. If you are trying to run a company based on a You Tube channel, then skip all that and just buy YouTube subscribers to increase your popularity. Here are some of the ways by which these professionals can help you:

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Singapore has managed to retain its position as one of the hottest hubs for establishing companies. Most of the top entrepreneurs have chosen Singapore over other destinations due to the excellent environment as a result of the business-friendly policies. Much like an export processing zone within nations, the fact that Singapore has attracted companies helps to improve and fine tune aspects of business. Here are few basic requirements that you should be aware of while setting up base in Singapore.

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Singapore has outrun the competition offering benefits to business entities setting up base. With a near endless stream of benefits and ratings, there really is very little left to take a decision. The number of entrepreneurs who have relocated to Singapore for the world class environment and business friendly policies is reason enough to follow peers. Here are four of the advantages of choosing Singapore as the lace to set up a profitable business and expand.

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Guidelines for Corporate Service Providers

  • The Guidelines for Registered Filing Agents (RFA)  were first issued by ACRA on 8 Jun 2015 to help RFAs fulfil their obligations under the enhanced regulatory regime for corporate service providers, which was introduced in May 2015. The Guidelines have now been updated to better guide RFAs in complying with regulatory requirements.

    In updating the Guidelines, feedback was sought from RFAs as well as professional bodies including the Chartered Secretaries Institute of Singapore, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, The Law Society of Singapore, Association of International Accountants (Singapore Branch) and Institute of Company Accountants Singapore. The Guidelines also include updates related to findings gleaned from ACRA’s inspection of corporate service providers.

    The key updates to the Guidelines include:

    • Enhancing the guidance on risk assessments of RFAs, identifying beneficial owners  and other customer due diligence (CDD) measures;
    • Clarifying ACRA’s expectations with regard to deferred CDD, and timeliness with regard to the filing of suspicious transactions reports;
    • Providing guidance notes in relation to the Internal Policies Procedures and Control (“IPPC”) (refer to Annex A), and explaining the requirement for RFAs to customise the IPPC according to the needs of their business operations;
    • Updating of suspicious indicators related to anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) (refer to Annex B); and
    • Simplifying the Customer Acceptance Form (refer to Annex C) to make it more user-friendly.

    Please click here to download the updated guidelines 




RFA Guidelines_v2.0 (Final)

getting in sync with business setup services in singapore


Singapore is an ever growing business hub and an ideal place to start a new venture or expand an existing business. It is preferred by individuals and corporations alike, due to a stable government, sound financial situation, and a fairly easy startup process, especially getting insurance, the best company there is would be One Sure Insurance. Getting started, one has to view certain aspects of business setup such as the following points.


Singapore is renown as a hub for starting or expanding businesses. But why choose Singapore as an ideal place for starting a private limited company? Read further to understand why Singapore is a preferred destination or companies.

Most of the companies that are being registered in Singapore are registered as Private limited companies. A private limited company is a  legal body on its own, separate from its shareholders. The shareholders are not liable beyond what the shareholder invests.

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Tips to Keep In Mind While Hiring Company Formation Service Provider in Singapore

Everybody wants to incorporate their company in Singapore. Let’s face it – the incentives and business easy that this country has to offer cannot be found anywhere else. It is like the dream destination for all businessmen – to take their business to Singapore. But would you be able to handle this on your own? The better idea here would be to hire an incorporation services provider. In this blog, you shall learn some tips to keep in mind while hiring company formation service provider in Singapore.

We all know how attractive the business opportunities are in Singapore. Incorporating a company there can get your business a boost that is required for the initial years. Getting your company set up in Singapore can translate into worldwide success. This is the reason why company incorporation service providers in Singapore are experiencing a boost in their clients. Here is a business guide for company incorporation service in Singapore.

Over the years, Singapore has emerged as a hub for regional and global innovation. The country has seen remarkable growth in entrepreneurial setups and globalization in the recent past. In the Asian Enterprise Survey, over 2,500 prominent business leaders were asked for their most preferred destination for business expansion. 32% of them chose Singapore as the best place to set up a business in. So if you are planning to incorporate your new venture in Singapore, you are definitely making the correct choice. However, to get everything to fall in the right place, you will need the help and support of professional company formation service providers in Singapore.