We all know how attractive the business opportunities are in Singapore. Incorporating a company there can get your business a boost that is required for the initial years. Getting your company set up in Singapore can translate into worldwide success. This is the reason why company incorporation service providers in Singapore are experiencing a boost in their clients. Here is a business guide for company incorporation service in Singapore.

First off, if you are an incorporation service provider, your clients will come to you to help them with end-to-end solution for setting up their business in the country. You will need the following information in order to help them out from the beginning to the end.

  • You must check the company name thoroughly to rule out any copyright issues. The company name is also checked in order to ensure there are no offensive inferences or references being drawn from that name.
  • Many businessmen may not know about permits and approvals to be gained on their nature of business. It would be your job to make sure that all the relevant governing authorities’ approvals are acquired before formal functions of the business begin in the country.
  • The businessmen may not know the format of Board of Directors required to be set up to do business in Singapore – it would be your job to inform them of the numbers, nationality and qualifications required for all members.

The role of a company incorporation service provider is an important one, as future business depend on it. Do your job well!

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