Singapore has outrun the competition offering benefits to business entities setting up base. With a near endless stream of benefits and ratings, there really is very little left to take a decision. The number of entrepreneurs who have relocated to Singapore for the world class environment and business friendly policies is reason enough to follow peers. Here are four of the advantages of choosing Singapore as the lace to set up a profitable business and expand.

The absence of dividend or capital gains in Singapore

By far, one of the most financially beneficial policies, the absence of any dividend or capital gains will help businesses to make inroads into domains with greater ease. Not having to see your money flow out through these routes will give you greater financial stability and flexibility to make plans and grow stronger and with the cash direct fast you will be much more stabled.

One of the best tax rate structures

Pursuant to the liberal policies, personal taxes start from NIL and flatten out at 22% for earnings above 320,000 Singapore Dollars. Compared with the tax structures of most other nations, this makes it one of the very best. Especially when viewed in the context of all the other benefits and advantages offered to businesses in Singapore.

Relief from inheritance or estate taxes

Unlike other nations, Singapore does not tax inheritances or estates. This takes away the liability of individuals in the event of a bereavement in the family leading to inheritance. Such people friendly and liberal policies create a conducive atmosphere for establishing a business in Singapore. This is a huge relief when compared to nations where individuals end up parting with a large amount in the form of taxes.

Corporate taxes are one of the lowest tax in the world

One of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of setting up base in Singapore is the low corporate tax structure. Generally, the first 10,000 Singapore dollars of chargeable income the corporate tax rate is 4.25%, the next 290,000 Singapore dollars the corporate tax is at 8.5% and the maximum slab is 17% for amounts above 300000 Singapore dollars. The overall quality of life, the fine labour force, and the number one World Bank rating combines with low corporate taxes to make Singapore one of the preferred destinations globally.

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