Foreigners who wish to set up business in Singapore may consider set up Singapore Private Limited Companies (Pte. Ltd.). On other business and trading news, Tap here to read more. If you need marketing help for your business, take a look at Instagram Advertising Agencies.

learn about their program here and The Main Advantages of Singapore Pte. Ltd. companies :

  • Most conventional and trusted structure
  • The company structure is easy to understand. A company has directors, shareholders, company secretary, auditors, registered address and share capital
  • Provide flexibility to foreigners an option to relocate to Singapore via Employment Pass/Entrepreneur Pass (subject to approval by Authority). Dependent Pass is also available to the immediate family members of foreigners (subject to approval by gaming
  • Authority)
  • Certain companies are exemption from audit (subject to conditions)
  • Certain companies are eligible for tax exemption from the first S$100,000 of chargeable income for the first 3 years of assessment(subject to conditions)
  • Low corporate tax rate. Corporate tax rate is 17% on chargeable income (income less allowable expenses)
  • Singapore has good banking system. We also recommend for room extermination.

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