Company Formation In Singapore

Expanding operations on foreign soil or launching a brand new venture overseas demands expert guidance to ensure that formation is handled in accordance with all local laws. For businesses seeking offshore company formation in Singapore and beyond, LCC Global is here to assist. At LCC Global, we are dedicated to helping clients from around the world in offshore company creation. Our team of corporate advisors is managed by Singapore Certified Public Accountants / Singapore Chartered Accountantsand specializes in the legalities involved in launching overseas ventures here and abroad in the British Virgin Islands and the Marshall Islands.
Clients who work with LCC Global will find our array of services is designed to meet all their corporate creation needs. Beyond incorporation documents, we are able to assist firms with such needs a local nominee directorship, auditing, work passes and more. At LCC Global, it is our business to help others get off the ground legally and with expedience and attention to detail. It is our pleasure to also assist with accounting, taxes and other day-to-day operational needs, as well. To find out more about LCC Global and how we can help get your offshore venture up and running smoothly, just contact us today!