Non-residents must hold a valid work pass before they can work in Singapore. Employers who hire foreigners without valid work passes can be prosecuted under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

The Singapore Employment Pass allows foreign professionals to work in Singapore. It applies to foreigners who earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $2,800, and have recognised qualifications. Employers must make applications for Employment Passes on behalf of a job candidate. Any change of employer will require a new application.

From 1 Jan 2012, the qualifying salary for the Q1 Pass will be increased from $2,800 to $3,000, together with a tightening of educational qualifications. The qualifying salary for the P2 Pass will be raised from $4,000 to $4,500. There will be no change in the qualifying salary for P1 Pass which remains at $8,000.

Pass Type
P1 Employment Pass
P2 Employment Pass
Q1 Employment Pass
Type of Applicants
Professional, Managerial, Executive or Specialist jobs
Professional, Managerial, Executive or Specialist jobs
Professional, Managerial, Executive or Specialist jobs
Examples of Eligibility Criteria
. Fixed monthly salary = $8,000
. Fixed monthly salary = $4,500
. Possesses recognised qualifications
. Fixed monthly salary = $3,000
. Possesses recognised qualifications
. In lieu of recognised qualifications, compensatory factors such as skills and years of experience may also be considered (a minimum of five years relevant work experience is recommended)

Dependent’s Pass

Both P and Q1 Pass holders can apply for a Dependent’s Pass for their:
. Spouse
. Unmarried or legally adopted children under 21 years old

Long Term Visit Pass

P Pass holders can also apply for a Long Term Visit Pass for their:
. Common-law Spouse
. Unmarried daughters above 21 years old
. Handicapped children above 21 years old
. Step-children under 21 years old
. Parents and parents-in-law

Documents Required

These documents and information are required for Singapore Employment Pass applications.
1. Employment Pass Application Form (we shall provide)
i. For local employer
The applicant must be sponsored by a well-established Singapore-registered company, normally the applicant’s employer.

ii. The form must be endorsed with the company’s stamp or seal, and signed by the applicant and an authorised officer from the sponsoring company.

2. Applicant’s educational documents
2a. Additional document(s) is/are required for:
i. Diploma/degree qualifications from India
Transcripts and marksheets

ii. Degree qualifications from China
Certificate of Graduation

3. Company’s latest business profile/instant information registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority
i. Companies, businesses or professional practices not registered must produce registration papers from their respective professional bodies.
4. Photograph of the applicant (passport-sized and taken within last three months)
5. Personal particulars page of applicant’s passport/travel document
Important information:
Applicants who hold non-English documents or certificates are required to submit a copy of the original papers and the official English translation done by a certified translator, High Commission/Embassy or notary public.

Additional documents and information must be furnished when requested.


Other Documents Required for Selected Professions

These additional documents are required for selected professions:
Regional Representatives
Applicants from these professions:
. Legal
. Medical
. Nursing
. Sports
. Teaching
Applicants from food establishments
Document(s) required
A copy of the approval letter from International Enterprise Singapore for setting up of the Representative Office

A letter from the Representative’s Office Headquarters stating:
a. The purpose of the application
b. The duration of the applicant’s assignment
c. An undertaking for the maintenance and repatriation of the applicant.

A copy of the relevant supporting document(s) with the respective vetting agency/professional body/accreditation agency as follows:
1. Doctor – Singapore Medical Council
2. Dentist – Singapore Dental Council
3. Pharmacist – Singapore Pharmacy Council
4. Nurse – Singapore Nursing Board
5. TCM Practitioner – TCM Practitioners Board
6. Lawyer – Attorney-General’s Chambers
7. Football Player/Coach – Singapore Sports Council
8. Child Care Teacher – Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
A copy of the establishment’s National Environment Agencylicence issued in the name of the body-corporate, sole proprietor or partner and it shows the address of premises where applicant’s duties are to be performed.

Application Process

Applicants are not required to be present in Singapore while their applications are being assessed. For applicants who are already in Singapore at the point of application, Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM) will not grant an extension of visit passes that are due to expire on account that the outcome of the applications is not yet known. Employers are advised to bring in applicants of Employment Passes only when the outcomes of the applications are successful.

Application is subject to approval by MOM.


Processing Time

Generally within 7 working days