One of the best ways to assess a lawyer’s legal ability is by interviewing the lawyer. Most attorneys like the one at will provide an initial consultation (usually an hour or less) at no charge. A few important questions to ask to consider them during this meeting are:

What experience does the lawyer have in your type of legal matter?
How long has he been in practice?
What is his track record of success?

Is the case a big legal matter ? you might need the criminal lawyers work and advice                                                                                              What percentage of his caseload is dedicated to handling your type of legal problem?
Does he have any special skills or certifications?
What are his fees and how are they structured?
Does he carry malpractice insurance? If so, how much?
Who else would be working on your case and what are their rates?
Does he outsource any key legal tasks for functions?
What additional costs may be involved in addition to lawyer fees (postage, filing fees, copy fees, etc.)?

How often will you be billed?
Can he provide references from other service?
Does he have a written fee agreement or representation agreement?
How will he inform you of developments in your case?
Keep in mind that a higher fee does not necessarily equate with a more qualified attorney. Also, a rock bottom fee may signal problems, inexperience or incompetence.

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